Writing in Quarantine

Welcome to my journey from being a freelance ghost writer to becoming a published fiction author.

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In Need of a Book Cover

I am still trying to design my book cover using the Canva app. I found out recently that Canva is Filipina owned; did you know that?

T.V., Baked Goods, a Wildfire and Book Covers

At one point we saw a lightning bolt shoot and strike the side of the Santa Catalina Mountains. We counted, and by the time we heard the thunder we reached 23. The lightning bolt struck ground 23 miles away from us, was our guess. When we looked up the distance on our phones map, it was 20 miles away (very close to our count).

Depression Holds On Sometimes

I’m going to get the editing and cover art completed by May 26th… but based on my mental health drop this last week we’ll see. One day at a time.

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