What is my novels genre?

Today I tried something new. I wrote while laying in bed. I didn’t get up; I just laid there typing away on my phone with my thumbs. I didn’t write 3,000 yesterday like I wanted to, but today before even leaving my bed I managed to two-finger punch 1,700 words. Maybe I should write in bed more often.

Also, it just occurred to me that I need to let my daughter know I couldn’t get her hair ties. I’m a long distance parent which means if she asks me for something it will take around 3 days to arrive after I go purchase it or have made it. This corona virus situation has made it even HARDER than it already is. The other day when we spoke on the phone she had let me know that she couldn’t get hair ties and was using a long hairband to tie her hair up. I always keep a lot of hair ties on hand at home because I go through them as well. They get stretched out, they break and snap, or I lose them. It’s worse than bobby-pins!

So the other day when my husband and I went to WalMart to go buy food I stopped by hair care to get hair ties and guess what… there was NONE. I’m serious! I was going to take a picture but there was a WalMart worker restocking the bobby pins and I didn’t want to invade his privacy. I learned in the past strangers don’t want strangers taking their picture and people are even touchier now than ever because of COVID-19. So I just went on my way. Oh, and in case you were wondering, I asked him if he had hair ties and he said, “no, people are using them for homemade masks.” Ugh…. NOTE: I USED BULK ELASTIC INSTEAD OF HAIR TIES. So, the point I am making is I now have to let her know that I was unable to obtain hair ties and to be careful with the hair ties I sent her because I don’t know when I’m going to find more. Why? Because people are using the hair ties for their ears.

I feel ridiculous but I don’t care. This was me heading into WalMart.

Question about my book:

What is the books genre?

This has been difficult for me to answer for myself. There is a romantic element in the story between the protagonist and her husband but the story itself doesn’t focus on the romance as its main topic, so it isn’t a romance. There are elements of mystery where the protagonist is trying to reveal the ways in which her abilities work but mystery isn’t the main focus of the work.

The best answer I’ve come to is: it is a metaphysical/visionary fiction focusing on the healing abilities of the main character. The main character is a half-Filipina and half-Caucasian American who is struggling with her place in the world and her identity. Her deceased ancestor gives her the ability to heal people and is slowly re-introducing her to the shamanistic lifestyle her bloodline comes from. In the story she descends from the native Igorot peoples of the Philippines.

Today’s high is 96°F/35°C and the water is already 75°F/23°C – swimming is in my near future.

4 thoughts on “What is my novels genre?

  1. Oh my God, I was just drafting a blog post yesterday sharing all the genres of the books I’m writing. But I won’t post them yet. Coz I don’t have a place in my blog for my writings yet. And Im not ready to share my writings yet. 😊 But wow, your book is about Igorots? Are you Filipino too?

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