T.V., Baked Goods, a Wildfire and Book Covers

The last two weeks have been full of smoke, desserts and too much t.v.. I fell off the walking-wagon, and fell away from working towards my goals, because I got sucked into watching 4 seasons of 90 Day Fiance. It’s no one else’s fault except my own. I WILL say that I am a huge Rosemarie Vega fan and BOO! on Big Ed! Did ya’ll see the Tell All? I spent the whole two hours gasping and screaming at the TV. HAHAHA!

Also during the last couple weeks while watching those four seasons of 90 Day Fiance, I baked an apple pie, quiche, brownies, muffins, and even a casserole. The food has been great but I gotta put myself back in check.

On the 5th of June, my husband and I watched a lightning storm move through our city and we literally witnessed a lightning bolt strike our mountain and caused it to catch on fire. Since the 5th of June, also the day of the Full Moon, the Santa Catalina Mountains in Tucson, Arizona has been on fire. As of a couple of hours ago an evacuation order has been issued for the Catalina Foothills area. I’m not in the evacuation area (which is currently south of the fire) but my home allows me to see a lot of what is happening from the north.

The 5th of June was such a special day for me. It was the Strawberry Full Moon and I dedicated all my prayers that day to the wild and independent Goddess Artemis. I played my Tibetan Singing bowl on the back patio and allowed the humming and vibrating sound sink in to the valley below me. I repeated my prayer for Artemis at my altar throughout the day and was really looking forward to seeing the Full Moon before bed.

That evening clouds started sneaking into the neighborhood and eventually they built up so big that we found ourselves in darkness and being surprised by the brightness of lightning bolts every now and again. My husband and I watched the sky and as soon as we saw a lightning bolt we started counting until we heard the rolling roar of the thunder. Apparently, this process can tell you how far away the lightning bolts are.

At one point we saw a lightning bolt shoot and strike the side of the Santa Catalina Mountains. We counted, and by the time we heard the thunder we reached 23. The lightning bolt struck ground 23 miles away from us, was our guess. When we looked up the distance on our phones map, it was 20 miles away (very close to our count).

After an hour of lightning strikes and thunder the sky quickly cleared out and made space for the moon. In my opinion, Artemis and the full moon really put on a show!

The fire has been burning ever since we witnessed it. The news has since named it the “Big Horn Fire.” When we first saw the light on the side of the mountain we didn’t want to believe the lightning bolt started it. It felt surreal.

Regarding my writing, my beta readers have recently finished reading and we’ve completed our interviews. The feedback was fantastic – in general they loved the story, didn’t get bored and were very satisfied by the suspenseful moments and the way it was all resolved. There was really only one scene that everyone agreed needed work so I’m going to begin work on that before the end of the week.

I also created some book covers in the Canva app, but I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to use any of them. I’m wondering if I should create a book cover in some other way… Are there any writers out there with an opinion on using Canva or some other book cover creator? I would hire an artist to create the cover but I cannot afford that expense at the moment. Canva has a free trial and is $12.99 USD monthly after that, which is more affordable for me at the moment.

I have tried to cut myself off from watching any more 90 Day Fiance episodes and get back to crushing my goals and achieving my dreams. I’m getting there! Baking stuff has been fun but I’m ready to redirect my focus away from the sweets and T.V. shows. Time to get this first book done and published! My word of the week is “REFOCUS.”

16 thoughts on “T.V., Baked Goods, a Wildfire and Book Covers

  1. I enjoyed reading your post and looking at your photos. We lived in Tucson for five years a few years back. We lived in the Catalina Foothills area. I am heartbroken to see the fires and pray everyone stays safe. We made a trip there, the weekend before the pandemic forced us all to stay home.

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    • Thank you so much for visiting my page. The Catalina Foothills are gorgeous! And the fire breaks my heart too. The firemen have been kicking butt and doing an awesome job saving everyone’s property and saving lives. I’m glad you got to come visit and share your energy with us before the pandemic took hold. Be well – love and light!

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      • My pleasure. Yes, they are beautiful. I loved living close to the mountain-the wildlife was amazing (bats, lizards, snakes, deer, javelina, spiders, bobcats, owls, creepy long caterpillars, gila monster …). Thank goodness for the brave firemen and women.πŸ™ I wrote about fleeing from a fire in Colorado, on my blog Saturday. Not mentioned in my post is that it was just a few days before the Yarnell fires. 😒 Thank you~love and light to you too, and those brave firefighters, who are clearly not getting any breaks, early in the season. An area northeast of us was just told to evacuate about an hour ago. 😞

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  2. I like your word of the week “refocus.” I guess I have been staring just one thing for so long and I need to divert my attention to my goal.
    I would love to read more of your writings. So inspiring!
    I hope no one got hurt from the fire. Stay safe authordenise.

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