Book Cover and Release Day

The book cover has been finalized and tomorrow my book will be up and ready for purchase in BOTH kindle format and paperback. I’ve been working towards this day since March when the quarantine started. I started writing to help fill some space and to cope with the sudden changes happening in the world, and it turned into me embarking on a whole new career.


I see a lot of writers in my Facebook support groups wondering when they can give up their full time jobs to focus on writing full time. Everyone is in a different situation, but the situation I’m in didn’t allow me to return to any type of work. I guess I could have gone back to the casino but the risk seemed stupid to me. In my opinion, there is NO reason why any casino should be open during this pandemic. I’ve decided to just go into writing full fledged. Goodbye to the hustle and bustle of the casino. Hello to quiet moments full of creative thinking and daydreaming. The alone time has been a blessing. At the casino, getting smoke blown in my face and getting berated by gambling-addicted assholes wasn’t the fun long-term calling I wanted it to be. Add COVID to the mix and it’s no longer worth it.

One of the tools I used to determine that this was the best choice for me as my astrological chart. I write fictional stories about metaphysical beliefs, but for me metaphysics isn’t fiction. I refer to my astrological chart for advice on a weekly basis – each week I go through and write keywords for myself and make mental notes of the long-term advice it gives me. My horoscope-chart has been very favorable towards my seeking a new creative venture, so I’m trusting it.

What are your thoughts on the book cover? The AMAZING Filipina Artist “Keyn” magically created this work of art – check her out on Instagram at

According to Ayurveda wearing a specific color each day can heighten the chances of good luck and good fortune, so I have been closely paying attention and following suit. My planner, Llewellyn’s Witches’ Datebook, did the work for me by telling me what color is best for each day based on planetary alignment. I’ve noticed a general feeling of being more in-tune and connected. Before incorporating this color of the day chart, I gave very little thought to how I dressed and looked. So this last week, being more intentional with color choices has felt better and improved my self-confidence. Even if it is a crock-of-shit, I’ve been enjoying it… so I’m going to keep doing it. Here is a very basic color chart if you want to try it for yourself:

Tomorrow my book will be ready for purchase and I’ll be sure to add links to those as soon as I have them. This whole journey has been new and I’ve had to learn as I go, but I’ve done my best to follow the hours of advice I’ve watched on YouTube. One of my favorite resources was Sarra Cannon’s channel called “Heart Breathing’s.” If you want to learn how to Plot Your Novel, Plot Your Series, plus other amazing writing advice, she is a wealth of knowledge and I recommend her. She even crafted templates you can print out to make plotting simpler.

I watched many other author channels and was able to incorporate many other pieces of advice, but none of them prepared me for the trickiness that is Kindle Direct Publishing. Within the last two weeks I was able to figure out Kindle Create, how to format things and so on. The Conduit Series will be a five book series covering Diwata’s transformation into becoming the next great Filipina Babaylan.

It took me 4 months to get the first book written, formatted and published… I’m hoping I can simplify the process now that I understand how things work, and get Book Two done BEFORE Christmas. That’s my goal… I’d like two books to be done THIS year, and hopefully get the last three done before the end of 2021. Let’s Go! I can do this! #PinayPower

UPDATE: The book is now live! Get your copy on Amazon by visiting

  • If you have Kindle Unlimited; you can get a free copy of The Conduit: Healing
  • If you DON’T have Kindle Unlimited, you can get an eBook copy of The Conduit: Healing for only .99 CENTS
  • If you are like me and gotta feel the paper in your hands, you can get a paperback copy of The Conduit: Healing for $10 USD.

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This COVID-19 and quarantine situation has me locked up and unemployed. Follow me on my journey switching from casino-work to writing my first fiction series. It's a drastic change in style & subject matter and there is no better time for me to do it than now!

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